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FOX News
Jul 22, 2012 8:00pm EDT
james holmes, and a lot of evidence they say shows that this man planned this attack for months and you can see the leftover remnants here from what was taken out. three different explosions, the water bomb and two smaller ones and see the glass here, part of the window frame is still here and the investigation here does continue and they do say, again, they have enough evidence to prove this suspect had done this for at least a month and a half or two months as planned, as the investigation goes on of the the people here in aurora are dealing with a horrible tragedy, governor. >> mike: i want to talk to alex milano, 19 years old and he was in the movie theater with his 14-year-old sister. thank you for joining us today. >> no problem. >> mike: you and your sister were in the movie theater when you first heard the commotion, did you think it was part of the movie or did you know something was not quite right? >> i started to think that something might not be right, but at the first time i heard it, i thought fireworks, i thought special effects. you know, midnight showing of a much anti
FOX News
Jul 29, 2012 8:00pm EDT
guards on the night it happened even though the company that owned the theat theater-- james holmes is scheduled to appear in a courtroom, to be charged in the massacre that left 12 dead, 58 wounded. i'm harris falkner, now, let's get you back to huckabee. [applaus [applause] >> i've long said that candidates that run for public office open themselves up for public scrutiny and that's fair and i've said that their families ought to be left out of it. as much as i disagree with president obama's policies, i do believe the first lady and their two daughters shunting dragged into the political mud slinging. in our audience, are sandy webster and ann ryan, married to a current and former congressman who have been the target of some vicious attacks that have gone after their husbands and their family's christian values. now, you may remember this ad for florida democrat alan grayson before he lost his congressional seat in 2010. >> and fanatics try to take away our freedoms in afghanistan and iraq and right here in central florida. daniel webster wants to impose the radical fundamentalism o
FOX News
Jul 28, 2012 5:00pm PDT
shooting. jessica galle remembered in a service in texas funeral services for matt oquin. james holmes is said to be charged on monday for killing 12 people and wounding others a week ago. >> governor mitt romney is in isram. he had a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and a sit down meeting with the palestinian minister. mr. romney stopped earlier in the uk for the olympics and will go on to poland. i am harris faulkner and now back to huckabee. >> i have long said that candidates that run for public office open themselves up for public scrutiny. and their families ought ought to be left out of it as much as i disagree with the policy. in our audience is two wives. you may remember this adfor florida democrat allen grayson before he lost. >> religious fanatics try to take away our freedom and right here in central florida. >> wives submit yourself to your husband. >> he want to impose his on us. >> submit to me. >> and force the women to bear the child. >> submit to me. >> hands off our body our laws. >> wow. all right. that adtook republican dan websters totally out
FOX News
Jul 21, 2012 8:00pm EDT
james holmes? >> i spent the morning and early afternoon in his neighborhood visiting the liquor store where he went. at least went there three times. sabrina at the liquor store told me that. the campus where he went to school. he was quiet. he kept to himself. he didn't speak very much. a guy who lived on the first floor of his building told me he heard him hanging around a few times. he moved there last november and said during that time he has only seen him outside a few times and mainly kept to himself. that is what we are learning. grew up in san diego. graduated there with honors.
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)